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Scandinavian water design

We have worked with quality water coolers for the Danish business community for two decades, and we take pride in delivering a product that works 10 – 20 years after, therefore we use more resources to optimize and improve the Zego product so that it is our goal Standards for what quality is. ZegoWater is a 100% Danish designed product, with its production within the EU.


The development and design team behind ZegoWater is Henrik Brammer and Jacob Olsen who in 2005 got ideas for how we should drink cold water in the home and at work. Why not build them into the kitchen with a faucet in a Scandinavian design with a high signal value. is built on over 25 years of technical experience in hot and cold drinks, We do not accept half-solutions or poor quality, from our sub-suppliers or ourselves. 

Every 6 months, all errors and warranty cases are evaluated and improved, which has meant that our guarantee cases today are below 0.7%. ZegoWater is the most reliable and energy-correct water cooler on the European market.

ZegoWater z106