ZegoTech – a history of no moral compromises

ZegoTech – a history of no moral compromises.

It all started for ZegoTech with two friends wondering over a few annoying drops of coffee. It led to a business-adventure established by the two childhood friends with a team behind them who they today would rather call friends than colleagues.

ZegoTech is not the type of company that you meet every day in the global company jungle.

ZegoTech’s founders Jacob Olsen and Henrik Brammer have the courage to express their opinions and have implemented principles such as sustainability, the industry’s best CSR profile, social and environmental responsibility, no thanks to tax havens, and with a product aesthetic in line with classic Danish designs.

Moral, business, and responsible thinking gathered in the water cooler line at ZegoWater.

A way of thinking that has led to participation in the EXPO World Exhibition 2020 in Dubai with the company’s latest concept and product: ‘Woodtap’.

An aesthetic wooden faucet with a CO2 load 300 times smaller than a similar metal faucet.

Jacob Olsen and Henrik Brammer previously worked for the coffee machine-suppliers Wittenborg which in the 90s entered the market for cold water via a tap in the coffee machine.

However, the cold water usually brought a few drops of coffee with it from the vending machine, and that made Olsen and Brammer wondered if there was another way forward to get a cup of pure and clean drinking water with no taste of coffee?

It was in 2005 at a time when many companies were in vogue with large plastic cans of water for the employees.

Plastic that harms the environment and does not really decorate the office landscape to be honest.

That led Olsen and Brammer to design a drinking water cooler built into the kitchen with a small tap for drinking water in the faucet with an aesthetic look kept in the Nordic design tradition with a high signal and brand value.

The water solution is currently sold by every market leading kitchen and plumbing stores in Denmark and abroad as a solution that provides cold water, ice water, calcium-free water and boiling water as needed, and a design adapted to the customer. Solutions that have been deliberately built to last for many years.

It was not enough for the two friends to establish a company that could do well in the market.

ZegoTech should stand on morally sound and responsible legs. Therefore, ZegoTech works with products that last for many years; half-baked solutions and poor product quality is not accepted. Every 6 months, all faults and warranty cases are evaluated, which is why ZegoTech’s warranty cases are below 0.7 percent, and the product is also the most reliable and energy-friendly water cooler solution on the European market.

Designed to last and make a difference for tomorrow.

How and why?

First, production must be done locally or in the Nordic countries, and on the product parts where this is not possible, it can be guaranteed that everything has been purchased from the EU zone.

ZegoTech and ZegoWater are honestly more about principles than profit as an opponent of the modern world ‘use and throw away culture’, which poses a huge threat to the environment. We care more about the future tomorrow than profit today.

The buy and throw away culture are often defended with statements such as: ‘It pays better to buy a new product rather than repair it.’

This is not the starting point for ZegoTech, on the contrary. Firstly, ZegoTech’s products are built to last and secondly to be repairable when wear and tear after many years of use sets in.

In the short run, it may be more expensive to repair than to buy new but seen over time and in a holistic perspective with recognized CO2 emissions from production, waste, waste disposal, packaging, and transport, it makes sense to go with quality and repairable products to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

That’s why ZegoTech has developed the Buy2Keep concept.

The customer buys a product that lasts a long time and can be repaired with advantage if it wears out.

Businesses need to focus on the bottom line, but not at any cost.

That’s why ZegoTech has principled benchmarks that make up the design, aesthetic, and quality beacons that the company uses for moral navigation.

It applies in production and in the workplace.

It is about orderliness and willingness to take sustainable responsibility for a world under increasingly pressure.

ZegoTech has a sharp focus on: Environmentally friendly solutions and preferably local production of long-lasting products, hiring people who have difficulty finding work elsewhere, no accounts in tax havens and even the coffee beans for the coffee machines are roasted in Denmark.

That code has, among other things, resulted in ZegoTech becoming the first supplier to launch taps produced in wood.

‘WoodTap’ is a beautiful but also climate-friendly design as the total CO2 emissions are as much as 300 times less than a similar luminaire solution cast in metal.

‘WoodTap’ will be launched at the EXPO World Exhibition 2020 in Dubai from 1 October to 30 April 2022.

Guarantees and approvals: GDV, CE, TUV, ISO 9001, VA, RoHS, NSF, two-year guarantee BtB and Gazelle 2012 award. Buy2Keep is designed for 15 years of operation and durability.


ZegoWater is responsible for service and installation in Scandinavia zone with specially trained technicians and staff.

ZegoWater is happy to provide special solutions as needed and guide customers in the process of construction processes. ZegoWater’s water solutions are modular and the individual customer’s water solution needs are designed according to the number of people and whatever desire for ice water, sparkling, boiling water, the filter and lime-free water the customer may have as well as tailor-made design.

CSR profile

  • We are a 100% Danish family-owned company.
  • We employ with social responsibility.
  • We design ZegoWater products ourselves.
  • We meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement by 2020.
  • We refill all Co2 bottles locally.
  • We have no companies or accounts in foreign tax havens.
  • We are actively participating in achieving the new climate goals for 2030.
  • We strive for all production to be local.
  • We avoid purchasing goods from outside Europe to avoid long-distance carbon footprint.
  • We buy our used coolers for renovation and recycling.
  • We build all the water coolers for 15 years of life according to our “Buy 2 Keep” principle
  • All our Co2 is a residual product from natural gas production in the North Sea.